A Momentous Week in All Our Lives
Published: March 26th, 2020 by theatretrain

A Momentous Week in All Our Lives

A momentous week in all our lives. We are confronted with new unpalatable choices.
Social distancing is difficult for humans because we are essentially pack animals. Our acting, dancing & singing lessons are no more until schools reopen. Many of us now have no income yet we still have bills and obligations to meet.
It seems to me that at Theatretrain we could occupy our time usefully rather than treating it as an extended holiday. Our theatre school pupils are cooped up in the family home every day. We can all remember our parents saying,“ I’ll be glad when you’re back at school.” In comparison, this is off the range.
At our theatre schools, we have taken the view that we will carry on and make Saturday a Theatretrain day. Some centres are creating their own content through social media and nationally a range of projects have been prepared. As a performing arts company, we’d love our teachers to play their part if they can. These are difficult days but being structured on” family” lines we are better placed to come together, pool resources and play our part in helping the young people of our nation. I hope Theatretrain can be a beacon of hope to our pupils and their families. Inspire, enthuse, energise and share who we are and what we want to be!

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