Coming Out Of The Lockdown
Published: January 28th, 2021 by theatretrain

Coming Out Of The Lockdown

What are you talking about, aren’t we just stuck in this place? How can I think about the future?

Those are fair questions and we know there is a possibility of a lifted lockdown but I bet most people are dreaming about having holidays again or seeing far off family members. Visiting a restaurant, a theatre or even a pub seems a far-off fantasy. But we can dream and we know our dreams keep us going. One thing is for sure – we will be stronger in the future because having no escape forces you to become more resilient whether you like it or not.

Learning to perform makes you part of a team, it helps you experience the work, and it helps you grow up by challenging you”.

I sense that our work in the performing arts is going to become a life saver for some parents.

The performing arts have always had an appeal for many young people because it’s like a gang of like-minded people. Learning to perform makes you part of a team, it helps you experience the work and it helps you grow up by challenging you.

That physical togetherness of class feels even more important now even though it seems far off. For a performer nothing beats the here and now, the moment of performing. But you can’t really do that on your own because it’s about the connection you have with the other people around you.

There will need to be a place of releasing these feelings together”.

Then we come to rage. Perhaps without being aware of it we all a bit angry inside about what has happened to us? There will need to be a place of releasing these feelings together. I see Judo and Karate clubs being popular too. What’s lovely about theatre work is dance, acting and singing is a unique place to explore the feelings we have inside. You can not only express those feelings inside the work but you also talk about them – even at a simple level. If nothing else you realise that you are not alone.

I can visualise the arts playing an important part in the mental well-being of our young people. Properly channelled these powerful feelings will lead to powerful performances with a sharpness of attack that will excite and inspire.

Im thinking ahead to an Albert Hall show that we want to create in the future about the world – what we have done to it and what it needs. I can’t wait to discover what our young people think and how they will look and sound when the lights go down.

We will survive, we’ll learn and move on and we will be all the stronger for it!

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