Ex Theatretrain Colchester Student Success
Published: October 30th, 2018 by theatretrain

Ex Theatretrain Colchester Student Success

Leanne Nagle (stage name Leanne Joyce) joined Theatretrain Colchester when she was 11 years old, (now she is 29!)

Centre Director at the time Linda could see Leanne’s potential from an early age, mainly due to her hard work and commitment. Six years later Leanne started on her road to success in modelling, acting and teaching.

She became the face of Essex and went on to the finals of Britain’s Top Model. After this success Leanne was in high demand but her passion was still to act. At the age of twenty-one she was given a three-year scholarship at Arts Ed in London. It was during this time that Leanne contacted Linda asking if She knew anyone in the London area who had work on a Saturday for Theatretrain. Fortunately, One Of Linda’s colleagues Marion Dean had an opening for a teacher at Theatretrain Hendon.

In 2013 she auditioned for ‘The Royals’ and was cast alongside Liz Hurley, this was shown by Sky on Channel. Leanne appeared in both series one and two.

Since then Leanne has performed in many plays and films.

‘Space Ark’ – ITV

‘Untitled’ film – Amazon Prime (Leanne was nominated for the Best Support Actor award!)

‘Wasted’ – E4

‘Call the Midwife’ – BBC1

‘Holby City’ – BBC1

‘Black Prince’ – Film Now available on Netflix

She has also starred in many smaller films

Leanne also was in the final 10 of The International Talent Competition in America, ‘ABC DISCOVERS’ there were 40,000 applicants.

Leanne and Linda have remained friends and she was pleased to give us all an insight in to what you can achieve. Her times at Theatretrain helped her to make the decision for her future

Great student, still lovely, down to earth’
Linda Lomas
Centre Director of Theatretrain’s International Summer School