Growing Pains
Published: August 9th, 2021 by theatretrain

Growing Pains

No one who saw it will forget Harry Enfield’s “Kevin the teenager” who was a polite, gentle, respectful, obedient boy right up to 12 midnight on the start of his 13th birthday. He immediately became  a ranting, rude, whinging whining hater of any adult decision. Asserting your independence is an important rite of passage in the growing up process but for many of us the self-consciousness and fear of what other people think is what held us back. We have to fit in and be accepted by our peers and that is a powerful force in our young life.

It’s a painful time that finds us touching our upper eyelids for no reason when talking to someone or making the sleeves of our jumpers longer than our hands.


“Any decent performing arts class encourages its pupils to be original and different and that can also be reassuring.”


Young people who like performing of course go through this as well but there are a few things that a class can help with. For a start the performing arts is all about just that – performing. You get used to putting yourself out there in front of others. And if you are self-conscious, you can lose yourself in the group. That can be very comforting and take the pressure off. Any decent performing arts class encourages its pupils to be original and different and that can also be reassuring. Finally, the group is everything and it’s the work of the work together that removes the sense of being alone in the spotlight.


Of course, you can meet insecure people in your life who spend their time trying to undermine other people’s sense of them self, but this kind of stuff is quicklime  in performing classes as it prevents the group moving forward.


So, if you have a “Kevin or Kevina the teenager” in the family you might find that  a performing arts class would be a great refuge for them. And friends made there often last a lifetime.

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