Performing Arts Can Transform Your Life
Published: December 9th, 2019 by theatretrain

Performing Arts Can Transform Your Life

Kevin Dowsett

Artistic Director of Theatretrain writes:

Act, dance sing is ever popular with children and young people while performing arts and acting classes are growing outside schools as the curriculum is cut back.

A growing trend of the moment is the realisation that performing arts training can transform your life. Skills in dancing, singing and acting are one thing but life skills are a real add on bonus. Where else can you learn to be part of something bigger than yourself, to find an inner confidence and commit yourself passionately to a performance? Who does anything passionately these days? What other subject involves you expressing your feelings in a safe way – a real extra to anyone’s mental health and well-being?

If you think about it the skills of preparing a show are skills for life. You sign up for the challenge and you stick with it. The chances are that things will take a dip in the middle and that’s the time when some young people might walk away. But to staying with it and seeing it through is an often-underestimated skill. At Theatretrain we do something unusual, we present small scale performances in local theatres but we specialise in other large scale performances involving 400 performers in a West End theatre or 1200 in the Royal Albert Hall. And this isn’t a show where the performers have a little slot and then are gone. This is a real challenge where they are on stage for most of a show. The thrill of hearing 500 singers raising their voices over an orchestra while they act and dance in the arena is something you can’t measure in worth and from the way the hair on your neck stands up – you are unlikely ever to forget it.

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