Published: September 22nd, 2020 by theatretrain


We’ve all been tested of late – and you don’t need me to tell you how.

Don’t we all react differently to the challenges that life throws at us? Keep calm and carry on is all very easy to say but in practise it can be a lot trickier. Just when it seems that it can’t get any worse life can throw you yet another curveball. So, gritting your teeth, you somehow find a way through and that gives you strength for the next time.

“Finally, part of the set came away and two people had to hold it up while having a conversation. You couldn’t make it up.”


Sometimes you just have to laugh and the theatre is a great place to do it because if those around you do as well its irresistible. I remember once seeing a play performed in a big drama competition. The actors seemed to have been told to constantly walk round a big table in the middle of the stage. That alone was amusing to watch. They were supposedly cast away on a desert island but it was so funny to see them going round yet again – and it wasn’t meant to be a comedy. Then a passing jet roared above us – we were under the flight path for Birmingham airport. Finally, part of the set came away and two people had to hold it up while having a conversation. You couldn’t make it up.


But somehow, they got through it with a straight face and finished the piece. The audience gave them a massive cheer at the end because, I think, we recognised that they were up against it and we loved their never-say-die attitude. We’d applaud a young kid who forgot their words for the same reason. Out of chaos came a sort of “I’m getting through this” mentality and that’s what I think is so admirable. We think to ourselves – that could be me up there  – and we all know how it feels when things go pear shaped.

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