Self Awareness
Published: September 16th, 2020 by theatretrain

Self Awareness

Do you ever find yourself thinking to yourself, “Did I just say that?” or, “Oops I got that wrong!” or even, “I did it. Well done me.” I think we all do this like a running conversation with ourselves. It’s just that no one else gets to hear it. I’d say it was a healthy sign of the real you, not the you that you give out to other people.

Actors are taught how this inner world of thoughts and feelings exists in every character, it’s just a matter of finding it. In this sense you can “become” the character by imagining how they are inside.

“If you know what we want from our lives then we can set about doing the things we need to do to bring it about”

Likewise, with ourselves. If you know what we want from our lives then we can set about doing the things we need to do to bring it about. If you need to pass an exam or your driving test or visit Disneyland you can have a chat with yourself about how to achieve it. If you like it’s a way of measuring yourself and then changing course if you need to.

Some of us do the homework and get it out of the way while others hang on to the last possible moment. Either way we readjust when what we want comes closer or gets further away. As a 15- year old school pupil I realised one day that my work wasn’t going anywhere and the exams were less than a year away. Did I work? Yes. And was it worth it? Yes, to the power of ten!

This self-awareness is an important step for our students to get their act together. 😀

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