Theatretrain Coventry Student creates Theatre piece
Published: July 26th, 2019 by theatretrain

Theatretrain Coventry Student creates Theatre piece

At the end of the summer term one of Theatretrain Coventry’s oldest pupil finally left after attending Theatretrain for many years.
Luke created this piece himself using our Melodrama curriculum and Shakespeare. Luke now works at Shakespeares birthplace as an actor.
This is a great example of what Theatretrain Training offers.

Yesterday was my son’s last day at Theatretrain Coventry. He started relatively late at the age of 14 after one evening coming to me and saying “Mum I want to act”. My daughter Chloe was already at Theatretrain so I said let’s start you off at Theatretrain. Little did I know where it would lead….
To say he has found his passion is an understatement, and the help and skills that Theatretrain have given him have been invaluable. He has now performed 3 times at The Royal Albert Hall, once as James Bond, and once as Eros. He is now pursuing his acting passion and amongst other things has performed in several fringe Shakespeare companies playing Romeo in Romeo & Juliet, Brutus in Julius Caesar & Malcolm in Macbeth. To top this all off he has a dream job at the moment acting professionally at Shakespeare’s Birthplace, before hopefully getting into drama school.
All this wouldn’t have happened without the training, support, help and encouragement that Theatretrain provided. I cannot thank Cate Mellor, Steve Cowley, Thomas Lamont, Esmé Swain, Paul Barker, Andie Leigh, (& not forgetting Katie Gavin) for all the help you having given Luke McDonald for his onward journey. Yesterday was emotional 😭 ❤️.
Please if you are going to send your children anywhere for theatre training (singing, dancing, acting), send them to Theatretrain because they are the best.

Karen McDonald – Luke’s mum