Tickets are now on sale!
Published: March 4th, 2019 by theatretrain

Tickets are now on sale!

Tickets for our next production are now on Sale!

Our latest large scale show (our 98th) is at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday 23rd June at 6pm.

This full on dance and singing extravaganza celebrates dance styles of all forms and dips into the work of Rudolf Laban to tie it all together.

He created an understanding of how humans move combining speed, direction and weight. This gives our pupils a wider movement vocabulary than they have in life and is a lot of fun. Here classical music meets Beyonce, Little Mix meet Stormzy. 28 Theatretrain centres combine to create a thrilling spectacle and a fun journey to follow.

Tickets are available from the Royal Albert Hall on 0207 589 8212