Theatretrain Loughton

Royal Albert Hall September 2016

Royal Albert Hall September 2016


Theatretrain Loughton have been chosen to perform at the ROYAL ALBERT HALL on the 18th September 2016! Along with other Theatretrain Centres, ‘How to Make a Hero’ is a  fast moving show which explores the stories of the Ancient Greeks and unusually makes the 500 strong choir the Gods!

Zeus is not happy. He created humans but they turned out to be so self-absorbed that he despairs of their bad behaviour; what he wants is a hero. Enter Ulysses and a whole series of adventures tumble onto the stage, arena, choir and everywhere else.

The orchestra, led by Robert Hyman, embrace everything from Bolero to Iron Maiden, Bonnie Tyler to James Brown and Adele, The Script, Pharrell Williams and many more. The unusual staging creates many moments of theatrical magic.

Theatretrain are the premier company in the UK creating large scale theatre for young people. Over 22 years they have performed at most of the major West End Theatres and in 2013 created their own show at the O2 Arena, however their favourite performing space is the Royal Albert Hall, where they have delivered eight productions since 2004.

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