Move! Royal Albert Hall 2019

‘Move!’ Explored the 8 efforts created by Rudolf Laban. 29 Theatretrain Centres came together from across the UK to form a company of 1150 performers. Alongside the live, 15-piece orchestra they sang, danced and acted their way through over 30 pieces of music ranging in style from David Bowie’s ‘Life On Mars’ to Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ via ‘Zorba the Greek’ and ‘The Blue Danube’.


Photos by Richard Washbrooke and Chris Christodoulou

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25 Years – A Celebration 2017

Theatretrain took to the Royal Albert Hall for the 10th time to celebrate 25 years of providing professional training in the performing arts for 6-18yrs.

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How to Make A Hero 2016

Professional Photos from our show taken by Richard Washbrooke and Chris Christodoulou

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Now Then – June 2015

The Theatre Royal Drury Lane

An exploration of songs from the past the 70s to the present day. Pupils created stories for each song related to the stories of those times. Parent’s memories were sought out to make the stories.

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How to Make a Hero 2015

The Royal Albert Hall
The Greek myths explored from the creation of the world to the travels of Ulysses. Uniquely the choir became the Gods and in the arena human beings are found to be selfish and self serving. The Gods searched for a Hero.
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