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‘FAME’ Our local show was a huge success!

‘FAME’ Our local show was a huge success!


This year we took on our most ambitious production yet, ‘FAME’ the musical.  This was our first full length musical and the challenge for us is making it fit into our ‘Theatretrain Way’ and setting all of the material around our usual weekly class timetable.  We have children age 6 right up to 18 and tried to make sure that every child felt included and like they had an important role to play.  We have high expectations of our youngest students so they all learned the three part harmonies as well and made us really proud by keeping up with the older ones!

The other new addition was the live orchestra which added something really special to the children’s experience.  The children were really patient as we got all of the sound balanced and were in admiration of the professional musicians.

After two long days we all got together and had pizza in between the final shows which was great fun and brought everyone even closer adding to the existing bond our students already share.

Thank you once again to all of the dressers and volunteers who helped out back stage and help make the show a success.  Can’t wait until the next one!